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Mikata it's about time  West African and Caribbean drumming and song, Latin Jazz and original Afro-Beat compositions



It's dance...it's rhythm...it's Mikata!  Feel your pulse quicken as this powerful percussion group ignites the stage in a joyful celebration of Africa, the Caribbean Islands and Brazil. Each beat of the drum beckons you to take a step closer and become a part of Mikata. "Elegant traditional African music" - Vogue Magazine. "A kinetic sampling of African music" - New York Times
Workshops:  Language of Rhythm (K-12); African Drumming and Song (Grades 4-12); and Latin Rhythm-Latin Dance (Grades 8-adult).  Teacher Professional Development: African and Caribbean Rhythm and Dance and Music is the Message: Culture and Community from Africa to the New World.  Performance:  Rhythmic Expedition (Grades K-12)

Fees:  Negotiable

Contact: Richard Hill, 61 Foster Street, New Haven, CT 06511
Phone: 203-787-4028  Email:  hill6393@sbcglobal.net

Website:  www.mikatabeat.com

Press:  Download Mikata Picture enlarged (CD cover format) 
or in 4x6 format



CD " It's about time"






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