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Catskill Field Trip - City View Terrace, Kingston  NY

New Haven Mineral Club  -April 24 2005

Digging in the Halihan Hill Bed layer (Rocks of the Mount Marion Formation - Middle Devonian Hamilton Group, approx 400 million years ago ..  you dig??), the lower one of the two distinctive layers found, which contains coral fossils (rugose and tabulate) as well as brachiopods, cephalopods, gastropods, byrozoa...... can you follow me? Someone in our group found the first Trilobite (see picture 6)

Even in 't Nederlands, gewoon even op die foto's klikken. We hadden ons eigen stukje en Art wilde die 20-30 cm in z'n geheel, strand en schelpen, mee naar huis nemen..... (zie foto 9). Al met al was het zo bijzonder, dat het ook even te veel kan worden .....  (zie foto 8 en 10).


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